Republic Day Deliberaion

Unique Selling Proposition of various counties:

USA : Liberty

UK : Sovereignty of the Queen

Middle East : Oil

India : Spirituality

Spirituality is in genes of every Indian. We must cherish our USP and contribute something tangible to the world. Republic day is a time to reflect on the contribution we are making to our nation. We need to be an asset to our country, not liability. We need to ask ourselves what we can do for the country instead of asking what country can do for us.

Youth: Formative time of life. We should inculcate good values in ourselves. We should be the asset to our country, we should not become the liability to our country. If we have strong spiritual foundation, the future of the country and the future of the world prosperous.

If we don’t have these values, ethics, culture, foundation & principles the youth is a burden to the world. Don’t be a burden to the world. We don’t want burden on Earth. We don’t want liabilities living around. We want assets living around. Be an asset to your family, community, nation and the world.

We don’t want simply competitors, there are already so many of them. We want contributors. There are enough competitors, we want contributors, who can contribute something tangible to change the face of the world and to change the face of the human society.

We need to inculcate, grasp & instill great values in consciousness. Values are not taught, they are caught. Young people can change the face of the world. Be an asset to the family, society & the world.

Let us learn, understand, grasp, train ourselves in proper moral, ethical & spiritual values and strengthen our foundation. We are the foundation.

A better tomorrow won’t come by great speeches, or by just political efforts, a better tomorrow will come by better changed individuals. We need to contribute something to tangible for better tomorrow. We all bleed the same red blood of Patriots.

Let us inspire our children and adults to see the importance of civic action and public service. On this day we must remember the words of Former USA president J. F. Kennedy, “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country. ”

We will witness a better world when every person contributes in some way to our nation & the world.


Morality & Purity is the force for Victory


Potency and Power come from Purity. And purity comes from following the prescribed rules and regulations mentioned in the scriptures nicely. Simply If one sticks to the regulative principles, one gets a power spiritual or material.

Therefore, anyone who follows the prescribed rules and regulations, becomes potent and powerful in due course of time. That is the pillar of powerful preaching in Krsna Consciousness too. Pure preaching is possible by a potent preacher. Potency of preaching is dependent on the purity of the preacher. As Srila Prabhupāda says, “Purity is the force.”

Be rational & realistic.

If you wish to get rid of the cycle of motivation-depression, be rational and realistic in your approach.

  • Don’t burn your boats.
  • Keep the back up option.
  • Try your best and be happy and satisfied in whatever you achieve. Just open your eyes and you can see that the people considered to be most successful in the world suffers as much pain and sometime even more than the pain of an ordinary person.

When you are ready to accept the reality as it is, you get freedom from depression, self-blame and purposelessness.

Paradoxes of Life

1.If you are not popular, you want fame.

2.If you are popular, you want privacy.

3.If you are poor, you want money.

4.If you are rich, then you realize that money don’t solve all the problems, eg- birth, oldage, disease & death.

5.If you are intelligent, life becomes stressful because you can’t ignore anything.

6.If you are conditioned soul, you make mistakes because of your ignorant behavior .

7.If you are single, you want to be in a relationship. You appreciate the feeling of belongingness.

8. If you are in relationship,you want some space and more freedom.

9.If you are not a powerful person, you realize that people dominate you.

10.If you are a powerful person, then you realize that you have to handle all responsiblities.

Life is never absolutely perfect. Every solution comes with a new problem. Light exists because of the darkness and that’s the truth of life. Sometimes, the only solution is gentle acceptance.

Kumbh Mela

The word Kumbh connotes:

The flow of life, The flow of humanity & A spiritual conscience.

Kumbh Mela represents the communion of nature and human life.

Discover Kumbh
Discover India
Discover Yourself !!

Kumbh Mela2019

Humility, Tolerance & Respecting others are precious qualities

The Krishna consciousness movement has been started to deliver the envious persons of the world from the clutches of maya, and even though devotees are sometimes put into trouble, they carry on their Krishna consciousness progress in all tolerance.

Lord Caitanya advises us:

“To be humble than a blade of grass, To be tolerant than a tree and To be ready to offer all respect to others without expecting anything in return and he asks us to be free from any false prestige. Only in such a elevated state of consciousness we will be able to chant the holy names of the Lord and please him.”

Nature of Lust, Anger & Greed

Anger is one of the great enemies should be controlled somehow or the other. Lust is another dangerous enemy and, when it is unfulfilled, it gives rise to anger. When there is anger, there is offence, and with that offence one falls down into materialistic tendencies – lower and lower. To control wrath is very difficult. Excessive greed for collecting more and more worldly materialistic things at the cost of our character also degrade us. Lust, anger and greed, these three – are all interconnected. One of these leads to the others. These are the three doorways of hell. And any sane person should give them up because they lead to the degradation of the conscience and soul. These three have the potency to steal away the intelligence even of a person of discrimination. Therefore we have to guard against these negative tendencies to to purify our consciousness.